Pen Analyzer Series I


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Software (analysis system) a real systemanalyzing skin data

- after taking a picture for the face, the system makes accurate data analysis immediately, including oil, moisture, pigment, pore, elasticity, and collagen fibers of skin. for example, “oil content of skin 19%”. and then, the tester may make a conclusion such as “the skin is oily”, and a dialogue box may pop up automatically to recommend oil balancing product (after using the product, the tester has an inspection for the skin again. the test data and result change can be showed, so as to make the client be confidence to the product and be willing to purchase the product). after finishing all analysis items, a skin test report may be concluded and can be printed.
- the system has the strong functions in managing members, adding, storing, editing and deleting the materials of clients, reminding the birthdays of members and storing historical records of members.
- the system data can be backed up and restored, so as not to lose materials when the computer halts.
- edit at background, exchange logo of the company and input products etc.